Greensborough Skip Bin Hire

Are you looking to tidy up around your house and live in gorgeous Greensborough? Looking for a Rubbish Removal company that is local and reliable? We are proud to be the No.1 choice for skip bin hire in Greensborough

Call us at Red Man Bin Hire to help you with any sort of job- green waste removal, clearing out old junk from in and around the house, disposing of that light building renovation rubbish- whatever the job is we can help you.

With a wide variety of skip bins and walk-in bins available, we can help you get the job done right the first time, every time.

Check out the options:

  • Once restrictions lift and we can have get-togethers again in Greensborough, our slightly bigger 3m3 skip may be just the size you need.
  • Come Christmas time, with more options on the table and our families all visiting each other, maybe a more versatile 4m3 walk-in skip bin will do the job to tidy up before and after the festivities.
  • And if we can have a party or Barbeque with a large group of friends and family, you may need a 6m3 walk-in skip to ensure toy can get rid of all your rubbish!

Whatever the situation, we can help.



How do you take advantage of the bins we have on offer?

Step 1: Call our driver Graham for a transparent and accurate quote which is sure to be competitive, – in less than a minute, he can assess your needs, provide advice and recommend the skip bin size that is best for your situation or job.

How easy does that sound?

Step 2: Organise the date and time for your bin to be delivered.

We know that all sorts of things can impact when you get a skip bin- time, other people and of course- Melbourne’s weather.

Once you have all those things sorted- BOOK IT IN.

It’s amazing what you will achieve once you plan to get rid of rubbish- all sorts of things miraculously disappear!

Step 3: RELAX and let us deliver the bin within your time frame.

We practice safe, contact-free delivery and offer a range of easy payment options -and can drop off your bin without you needing to be at the premises.

It’s so safe, quick and easy to do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t order a skip bin earlier!



As we mentioned, we are proud to be the No.1 choice for skip bin hire in Greensborough, including Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Macleod, and all suburbs in between.

With a touch of the country so close to the city, we understand you are proud to live in such a versatile suburb and all the great attractions it has to offer- who doesn’t love a visit to Greensborough Plaza or to the fabulous Watermarc during the warmer months?

We do- and we want to keep the area looking as beautiful as possible which is why we service the area with our handy size skips and walk-in bins.

Give us a call today and let’s get this (clean up) party started!

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