Skip Bin Hire: – As we drive around the Banyule suburb of Rosanna, the first thing you notice is the beautiful tree-lined streets and generous blocks of land of the lovely homes.

Spring is obviously a great time of the year for this suburb, with an abundance of greenery in front yards everywhere.

‘Spring cleaning’ does not always have to equate to the inside of a house- the outside always benefits from some TLC too!

At Red Man Bin Hire, we have a great practical range of bin sizes to help with tidying up your garden and turning your home from a cottage back into a palace.

Whether you are starting a new vegetable garden, establishing a new garden bed, planting or just ridding the garden of weeds, let us take the stress away by providing you with a bin.

We have both small ‘throw it over the top’ style skip bins or our bigger ‘wheelbarrow the contents in’ walk-in bins for those larger gardening jobs- whatever you are trying to achieve, we can definitely help you formulate a rubbish removal plan.


At Red Man, we care about the environment so will recycle where we can.

We practice responsible rubbish removal, always legally dispose of contents and offer contactless drop-off and pick up.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a bin:

1. What TYPE of rubbish or waste do you have? Is it light green waste, or domestic junk or small amounts of building debris, or is it a heavy load like dirt, bricks. Concrete or rubble?

Where we dispose of rubbish we are charged by weight, so heavier bins attract a larger cost.

2. What SIZE bin do you need?

Try and think of the volume of your rubbish in terms of a standard-sized trailer and calculate your needs that way.

For example, a 2m3 skip bin is approximately 4 standard trailer loads,
A 3m3 skip is approximately 6 standard trailer loads.
A 4m3 skip is approximately 8 standard trailer loads.
A 6 m3 walk in rubbish skip is approximately 12 standard trailer loads.

If in doubt, call our friendly driver Graham– he can work out your needs in a flash and offer any assistance on those more complex issues.

3. What will the skip bin COST?

Of course, you want value for money, and we appreciate your business. unfortunately, rubbish removal cost varies quite dramatically depending on content and amount.

Once you call us and Graham has all the facts, he will aim to give you the most competitive, reasonable and transparent quote.

4. What is the COMPANY like?

Do they have a good reputation?

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, with many repeat customers and referrals.

Red Man has established clientele in Rosanna and the surrounding suburbs and live locally in Heidelberg.

5. What is CUSTOMER SUPPORT like?

For any service, this is critical.

A good skip hire service should be able to effectively and promptly respond to any queries.


Redman bin hire is the trusted and Number 1 choice in Rosanna, Heidelberg and Ivanhoe for bin hire and all sorts of rubbish removal, offering:

  • Free Quote
  • Local Rubbish Service
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Competitive Prices
  • Always On-time

So now you’ve made your decision, what are you waiting for?

You call, and we’ll be there. It’s that easy!

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